E-mail: anita@illus.dk

My name is Anita Sølver, and I’m a freelance illustrator, located in Viborg, Denmark.

I’m very passionated about children related products. My first adventure into that genre, was my illustrations made for Bella Sara, a trading card game with horse motifs aimed at young girls. Between 2011 and 2013, I was also the sole illustrator on a project from Danish Euromic; Isabella & Friends.

I’m now a full time children’s book illustrator, working for several Danish publishers, and have created more than 40 children’s books by now.

I don’t have a “signature”-style per se. I have always loved to explore new styles and love to try out new things, to see what goes with the type of illustration I like to do. I largely only draw digitally now, even though I once in awhile, dust off my analogue medias, but that’s a rare occasion. I love my Cintiq, and I love Photoshop. I work in Adobe Illustrator too, but Photoshop is a second home to me.

I continue to take relevant courses online, and am constantly trying to improve my skills, learn something new and develop in my style and techniques.

Please feel free to contact me, if you have a project you need illustrations for. I work digitally, and can deliver files online for you. It’s not getting much easier than that 🙂