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The Lonely Snowflake - a childrens book by Patrick Stemp & Anita Soelver

I’m creating children’s books!

The Lonely Snowflake is the title of the first book I’ve created with Patrick S. Stemp. Together Patrick and I have set out on an adventure; We’ll be creating high…

Secrets in ItsItville by Kay Francis & Anita Soelver

Secrets in ItsItville

  Secrets in ItsItville is now available on Amazon.   It’s an ItsIt “edutainment” book, that helps children to understand and deal with secrets, while also understanding the difference in…

Something's Different in ItsItville

Something’s Different in ItsItville

  “Something’s Different in ItsItville” is now available on Amazon It’s an ItsIt “edutainment” book, that helps children to understand diversity. This is the third book in this series that…

Bella & Sara | Winter Festival

Bella & Sara | Winter Festival

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all of you!

Fiona | Winter Festival

Fiona | Winter Festival

Fiona made for the Bella Sara Winter Festival series.